By booking for one or more of our online speed dating events you agree to the terms and conditions below and our privacy policy


1.) Registration and Payment.


In order to participate in our online speed dating events you must first register online and make payment. Your participation will only be confirmed via email once payment has been received. Payment must be received within a minimum of 24 hours before the event. You will receive a confirmation of your place in the event via email.


2.) Participants


Each participant must be single and must register in his or her age category. If you do not meet these conditions Cloud Dating may refuse your registration.

We guarantee a minimum of four dates per dating event and four dates per Speed Friending Event. This may be superseded by Cloud Dating promotions that run from time to time, please refer to the promotions tab. If the respective minimum number is not reached the event will be postponed and participants will be asked to register for an alternative event.


3.) Connectivity


Cloud Dating will specify in its email correspondence the software and hardware requirements in order to have the best possible online dating experience. Cloud dating accepts no responsibility for technical issues experienced during the event. If you do experience technical difficulties during the event, please contact the event host through the chat bot on the event platform and they will endeavour to assist you with your issue.


4.) Refunds 


Once you are registered and have paid for an event, no refunds are possible. This includes participant cancellations, technical issues and non-attendance.

We guarantee a minimum of eight dates per event. If this number is not reached the event will be postponed and participants will be asked to register for an alternative event.


5.) Matches


If you do not have a match after a speeding event Cloud Dating is not liable for this. If you have any questions or think that something has gone wrong please contact our team and we will get back to you within 24 hours of your query.

If there is a match only the data that you want to provide will be communicated to your date.


6.) Liability


Cloud Dating is not liable for the participants that utilise the Cloud Dating product / service or for outcomes of the matches arising from its events. If inappropriate behaviour is experienced, we ask that you please report it as soon as possible to the Cloud dating team or event host, via the event chat bot or hello@clouddating.co.za so that they can take the necessary steps and remove the person in question from our member database.

Each participant is responsible for deciding which of his or her details is communicated to their matches. 

Cloud Dating has the right to deny anyone access to its events without being accountable. Including but not limited to:

-inappropriate behaviour toward the host, participants or employees

-distributing personal data of other participants

-any reason the host deems sufficient. He / She is not obliged to mitigate this.


if a person is denied access to an event He / She is not entitled to compensation of any kind or to a refund of the event registration fee.